HQQ Translation is a pool of professional and well-experienced translators. We have been offering human translation services in various areas of expertise to our clients across the world.

We take advantage of human power and machine intelligence to improve the translation quality and boost the speed of delivering products to our clients. We choose professional and well-experienced translators for long-term cooperation. All of the translations are reviewed and checked carefully before delivering to clients. Our translators are able to work on various files, pay attention to details and accuracy, and are committed to adhering to the deadlines. All of these help us assure the final output quality of our projects.

There are some options:

  • If your files can be opened in Word, you can check the wordcount of your files.
  • If your files are in other formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, etc., then you can send your files via the contact form or email. We will count the words of your files and send you a quote afterwards.

Note that if your Word file contains images that need to be translated as you request, the wordcount of your file might be higher than that you indicated.

Yes, you can but paper documents captured by a phone should be clear enough for us to count the words before a quote, and to process the translation quickly. If you cannot assure delivery of clear images of your documents through your phone, we suggest you send your files in editable formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Editable PDF or Scanned PDF. For documents with tables, figures, or images, we highly recommend you send your files in editable formats if you want us to keep the document layout and format.

Yes, we can. We can even work directly in the source code of your website. For more information you can access our page on website translation.

We assure that your document’s original layout will be kept in all editable file formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, editable PDFs, Web and software formats, etc.). For editable files, we work on the original document by overwriting the text without changing the layout or format. For non-editable files such as images and scanned PDFs, we can keep the layout by adding a DTP (Desktop Publishing) service, for an extra cost of about USD 6 per page.

Desktop Publishing requires considerable skills of file engineering and takes a certain amount of time for processing different file formats.

In some cases, clients would want to add the DTP (Desktop Publishing) service to keep their document layout for report or magazine publication needs.

  • For translating documents from English into Vietnamese, for example, the wordcount of the final translation tends to be expanded and requires more space or smaller font size.
  • For translating documents from Vietnamese into German, for example, words in the target language can be very long, requiring re-sizing of images.
  • For translating documents into or from right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, adjusting the position of text and graphics in the target language is necessary.
  • For translating documents into or from character-based languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, using specific versions of the publishing software is a must.

For more advice, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you.